• Sites assessment and Load analysis
  • Feasibility and due diligence
  • Design and Engineering
  • Tendering and Bidding process management
  • RFP/RFQ Preparations
  • Contract draft preparations
  • Supervision of Supplies and, Installations
  • Monitoring and Performance Evaluation
  • Third Party Validations
  • Project Management
  • Local coordination and support to foreign developers
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Strategy and Policy Advisory
  • Owners Engineering Services
  • Energy Management standards compliance and implementation
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement plans and implementations
  • ISO 50,000 Complanace and Energy Management
  • New Business development and Set up
  • Business plans
  • Strategy development for products, pricing, promotion and distribution
  • Development of promotional materials
  • Market Surveys, Studies and feasibility studies
  • Sales and Management Training
  • Service and Sales contracts
  • Tender management ( from Pre-qualifications to award of contract)
  • Product pricing and development of pricing strategy
  • Service and maintenance workshop set up
  • Vendor sourcing and procurement assistance
  • Content development and Translations
  • Mentorship
  • Development of Job specifications and Job descriptions
  • Performance Evaluations of Employees
  • Training and Capacity Development



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